Contributions to the book have been made by many leading figures in the Transplant World, including:

  • Mr Chris Rudge, Clinical Director for Transplant
  • Professor John Wallwork, Heart Surgeon and Chairman of the Transplant Trust
  • Dr Magi Sque, Researcher
  • Dr Iain Macdougall, Consultant Nephrologist
  • Magnus Roseke, Sonia Clarke-Swaby and Brian Tierney, Transplant Co-ordinators
  • Liz Hosford, Trustee, Transplant Sport UK
  • Sue Burton, Trustee, Donor Family Network
  • Dr Cristina Navarrete, NHS Blood and Transplant
  • Angela Walledge, Trustee, the Transplant Trust
  • Oli Lewington, Chairman, Live Life Then Give Life

As well as:

  • Donors (including live, alturistic, blood and platelets)
  • Donor Families
  • Recipients (including heart, lung, liver, kidney and bone marrow)
  • Recipient Families
  • Health Professionals (including those from Pakistan and Spain) 

Also in this edition:

  • Inspiring Photographs from the British Transplant Games
  • Innovative Transplant Drama
  • Transplant inspired Art and Music
  • Designs for a Memorial
  • Inside a Kidney Unit
  • Moving Patient interviews after Transplant
  • Interesting New Developments
  • The Importance of Education
  • Religious Perspectives
  • The Organ Donation Taskforce Recommendations