Ms Kim Karam

Kim Karam has been exploring human interest stories since completing her Masters in Philosophy and Psychology at Edinburgh University.

By contributing to local radio and newspapers, Kim developed the passion for communication and education which resulted in a fifteen year teaching career and her job as a weekly columnist.

After a shift of creative focus - from painting to photography - she found photojournalism to be the perfect mix of all her skills.

Kim now strives to educate and inform a wider audience. Her most recent non-fiction work is a guide for patients and their families entitled 'Donation : Transplantation : Conversation'.  

Kim was a guest speaker at the 2012 Scottish Organ Donation Conference in Glasgow. 

She has recently spent two years working at the Scottish Parliament and worked as a broadcast journalist for BBC Scotland News over the Referendum period.  

Kim currently works as a Primary Head Teacher in the North of Scotland.  Her latest work of fiction is 'Tumbling', a novel for 11 - 13 year olds; more details coming soon.